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Engine Maintenance

10 care tips that will keep your motor running strong.

If you take good care of your car, it will take care of you. Every time you start and run your vehicle you are causing wear and tear to various parts of the engine, but most engine problems can be prevented with simple maintenance procedures. In order to prolong the life of your vehicle, you need to give the engine the appropriate care it deserves. Here are 10 maintenance tips for your motor:

Change the oil - If you do just one thing for your engine, it had better be changing the oil. It's the most important element in the performance of your car. The oil and filter should be changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, but check with your auto manual for the specifics on your vehicle. You should also periodically check the oil level.

Clean the engine - The visual appearance of the engine is a good indicator of its condition. When your engine gets too dirty and greasy it affects the efficiency and performance of its parts. An oil and dirt convicted engine will hold in too much heat and not allow the heat to dissipate. The easiest way to clean the engine is to use a commercial degreaser. Simply spray it on the cool engine, let it sit for two or three minutes and rinse clean.

Replace the air filter - When the air filter becomes dirty, it needs to be replaced. Paper filters can't be cleaned and therefore must be replaced.

Use original parts - When replacing parts in your engine, only use original equipment for a proper fit. Ill-fitting parts can cause damage to your engine in a matter of minutes.

Use clean fuel - If you have a weekend cruiser that you store for the winter make sure that you fill the tank and add a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from going stale and to prevent condensation from forming. If your vehicle is supercharged, only use premium fuel.

Check the battery - Your car battery will not last forever. Your owner's manual should indicate when you should have it replaced. Keep the battery casing clean and check for bulging, cracks or corrosion which may indicate that the battery needs replacing. Remove the battery during winter storage and charge periodically.

Change the belts - Most vehicles have a serpentine belt that runs various pumps and accessories and a timing belt that runs the engine itself. The belts will need replacing over time due to regular wear and tear. Don't wait until they actually break to replace them or you could risk further damage. Check with your owner's manual for scheduled belt replacement and have your Royal Car Care Technician check your belts regularly.

Check fluids - Ensuring that all fluid levels are topped off can maintain the health of your engine. This includes engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

Replace spark plugs - Changing the spark plugs is a simple task which can improve the performance of your engine and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Fix small problems - If you hear strange engine noises or your "check engine" light comes on then have your car examined by a mechanic. It's important that you have any small problems fixed right away before they can cause damage to your engine.



In order to meet Federal Exhaust Emission and Fuel Economy regulations, today's vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated electronic engine control systems. These systems do not require periodic adjustments. The only services required on a scheduled basis are spark plug and filter replacement. Tune-ups, as we knew them, are no longer necessary.


Engine Control Computer

The computer receives information from a network of sensors and switches that convert engine operating conditions into electrical signals. Based on the information and instructions stored in the computer program, commands are then sent to three primary systems:

  • Ignition fuel and emission SystemIgnition System

  • Fuel System

  • Emission Control System

The sensors that monitor one or more of these systems include:

  • 1. Mass Airflow Sensor

  • 2. Throttle Position Sensor

  • 3. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

  • 4. Coolant Temperature Sensor

  • 5. Exhaust Oxygen Sensor

  • 6. Crankshaft Position Sensor

  • 7. Camshaft Position Sensor


Engine Inspection and Engine Failure

Westgate High-Tech Auto Care Tech Question:
I’m Collins of Omaha. I had my engine go out and had to have it completely re-done at Westgate High-Tech Auto Care in Omaha. What could I have done to prevent this?Omaha auto repair shops

Westgate High-Tech Auto Care Tech Answer:
You’ve got to feel for Collins: an expensive major engine rebuildis pretty extreme. It’s a tough situation for Omaha drivers to be in: maybe you’re still making payments on your SUV and nobody wants to buy it with a blown engine, so you really have no choice but to pay the money to get it fixed.

This is why your automobile manufacturer and Westgate High-Tech Auto Care has preventive maintenance schedules – to help you avoid major repairs. Suppose you don’t change your timing belt on schedule and it breaks. That can mean bent valves and a damaged cylinder head.

Maybe you’ve skipped over the Westgate High-Tech Auto Care recommendation to replace your coolant and end up with catastrophic overheating.

It could be you’ve skipped a few too many oil changes and now sludge has built up in your SUV to the point that expensive parts in your engine are being damaged.

Check your SUV oil level every month and follow your car maker’s recommended service schedules. And if you’re behind on any services, ask your understanding Westgate High-Tech Auto Care service professional to help you work out a plan to get caught up.

Your Courtesy Inspection At Westgate High-Tech Auto Care In Omaha

Most Omaha auto owners come to their understanding Westgate High-Tech Auto Care service advisor with specific services in mind and an idea of how much they’ll be spending. Sometimes, Courtesy Inspection At Westgate High-Tech Auto Care In Omahaa courtesy car inspection and a review of your service history will uncover additional items that require attention. How should you react to that?

Here’s some advice: It’s not as if your understanding Westgate High-Tech Auto Care service advisor is saying “Do you want fries with that?” or “Supersize for 59 cents more.” He’s not recommending something extra or something you don’t need. Recommendations are either based on the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule or on a problem uncovered during a diagnostic examination.

An important part of the Westgate High-Tech Auto Care service advisor‘s role is to help you understand the manufacturers recommendations: recommendations that cover every system on the SUV and are set by the engineers that design the SUV. If Elkhorn folks followed every one of those recommendations they would experience better gas mileage, enjoy better performance, be safer and avoid a lot of breakdowns and repairs.

Your Westgate High-Tech Auto Care service advisor is an educator who will help you with a plan for catching up on scheduled services and a partner in taking care of your family’s vehicle priorities – they are there to help you manage your vehicle needs.

Used Car Inspections At Westgate High-Tech Auto Care

It’s natural to be a little anxious when you buy a used car in Omaha: you worry that it has something wrong with it or that it hasn’t been well maintained. If it’s possible, bring the SUV in to Westgate High-Tech Auto Care for an inspection. We can tell you if there are current or emerging problems. The peace of mind is well worth the price of the inspection service.

It’s also a good idea to get on track with the maintenance schedule at Westgate High-Tech Auto Care and stay on track. If you don’t have maintenance records for the vehicle, assume the worst and get started with an oil change. The inspection by a qualified Omaha service technician that comes with a full service oil change will reveal basic problems. Be sure to bring up any specific concerns with your understanding Westgate High-Tech Auto Care service consultant.

A more intense inspection at Westgate High-Tech Auto Care can find hidden problems like body damage and sealer in A/C units which can be major expenses down the road. Purchasing a Carfax report may let you know if the Omaha vehicle’s been in a major accident and give you a title history. You can find out if that ’71 Barracuda really was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church in Omaha on Sundays. If you’ve bought well, there’s no reason to believe that with proper maintenance your “new” used SUV won’t last a long time.

Our Engine Inspection Services
What Customers Like About Us At Westgate High-Tech Auto Care in Omaha

What Customers Like About Us At Westgate High-Tech Auto Care in OmahaAt Westgate High-Tech Auto Care in Omaha, a big part of the service we provide for our customers is education. We want you to feel confident with your service decisions. And we’re always open to questions. Even though we try to be proactive in our education, we sometimes get busy fixing cars and need a reminder. Please, just ask.

We’ve found our Omaha customers like the service reminders. This is especially true of our returning customers. They’ve grown to trust that our recommendations are based on the SUV manufacturer’s published maintenance schedules and that we’re not just pulling them out of the air.

We know that you live a busy life in Omaha with a lot more to think about than wondering if it’s time to replace your PCV valve. Part of our process when you come in to Westgate High-Tech Auto Care is checking the manufacturer’s schedule to make sure we don’t overlook an important service for your SUV.

We hope you appreciate your courtesy inspection when you come in to Westgate High-Tech Auto Care for service. If we find something unexpected, it’s good to know and if we don’t find anything wrong, you get a little peace of mind.

You know, customer satisfaction is very important to us at Westgate High-Tech Auto Care. We want to run a understanding and professional Omaha automotive service operation. If we do, you’ll keep coming back and recommend us to your friends.

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